Arthritis, Rheumatism, Allergies, Exhaustion, Metabolic Disorders, Aches and Pains? Ease your pain naturally in our hot spring spas under the care of highly qualified Rheumatologist doctors, Internal Specialists, Endocrinologists, Balneologists and other medical professionals. Give a rest to your overstressed adrenals, your pancreas, get pampered, rejuvenated, relax your overworked joints, bones and other organs, treat your allergies the natural way!

Combine rejuvenation with a vacation experience in our highly affordable European spas with one, 2 and three-week curative packages all year around.



According to Hippocrates, the father of medical science, cures effected by water are one of the basis of medicine. With thousands of years of experience combined with the latest medical achievements of the 21st century, our spas offer cures to a variety of ailments. Spa vacationing is more popular worldwide following the practice of European traditions.

The accelerated tempo of our life, the permanent stress of the 21st century has
exacerbated vascular and nervous disorders. Lack of physical exercise, environmental hazards, unhealthy diets and an extended life span have resulted in an increase in the number of those suffering from locomotor disorders, allergies and cardio vascular problems.

Different spas specialize in treating different medical conditions based on the specific mineral content of their waters. The Hungarian spas specialize in treating people with locomotion, joint and bone problems, Arthritis and Rheumatism, just like the Slovakian spas in the same Carpathian Basin.  The Czech spas focus on intestinal problems, allergies and drinking cures. Italian spas are famous for their fango (mud) and some fancy treatments while the Black Sea spas in Bulgaria offer sea water cures. Romania is the best for Gerovital, old age rejuvenation. While all spas have specialties and some treatments overlap, all of our European spas are all excellent for stress relieve and general rejuvenation. Visiting our European spas is also a cultural experience, a combined health improvement and vacationing at an exotic destination.

Growing levels of environmental pollution, together with the rapid spread of chemicals have increasingly turned the attention of civilized people towards nature.
As a logical consequence, natural therapies are being rediscovered and are gaining popularity everywhere. The team of medical doctors, physio and other therapists working at our European spas do their utmost to combine human knowledge and experience with the achievements of medicine, natural sciences and technology. Bathing cures have an enormous advantage over drugs and surgery. They have no side effects provided the medical instructions are followed.

With its thousands of thermal springs, Europe is the world leader in medicinal waters. The composition of these medicinal waters is varied which means that there is a wider variety of therapies available for more disorders than is generally known.

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