Spas in Italy near Venice



Abano Terme

Spend  a relaxing and rejuvenating holidays in our Italian spas! With a total of 130 thermal springs, Abano Terme is renowned as one of the most important spas not only in Italy but throughout the world. The mineral waters are produced directly by the residual activity of the dormant volcano that created the surrounding Euganian hills. According to the legend, the Abano waters were warmed by the fall of Phaeton, son of the sun. The Abano area was inhabited by man in prehistoric times and is considered to be the oldest spa center in the world.

At nearby Montegrotto Terme, ruins of a spa dating back to the times of Julius Caesar and Claudius can be found. Our selected spa hotels are located amid ideal surroundings amongst hills and parks. Their long tradition of hospitality is a guarantee for an unforgettable holiday.

Whether you choose a deluxe or standard hotel from our selections, your satisfaction is guaranteed. All of our hotels in Montegrotto or  Abano Terme are privately owned and feature their very own thermal establishments and in-house doctors on the premises. Guests can undergo all the thermal treatments at the hotel under the supervision of highly trained, experienced staff. All thermal hotels have indoor and outdoor thermal pools, lounge, bar, television room and they all serve fine Italian and international cuisine. Following the daily treatments, guests have plenty of opportunity to enjoy sports or leisure activities. Golf courses, tennis courts, pleasant walks, jogging and fitness trails are just some of the enhancements available at the facilities.

Mud: a source of natural therapy for 2500 years.

All the hotels in Abano and Montegrotto Terme possess springs of thermal water, the basic element of all the treatments. The water flows at a temperature of 87 C from various sources scattered over the territory of the Euganian Hills, and is classified as salso-bromo-iodic, hyperthermal and radioactive. The mud of the thermal basin is a greyish-brown pulp composed of a clay-like marl mixed with organic substances of vegetable and algae. Mud therapy can be beneficial for locomotor and joint problems, arthritis, fibrosis neuritis, as well as metabolic problems, gout and hyperuricaemia. Mud therapies are complemented with toning and slimming massages, physic and kinesitherapy, special diets, facial mud packs and beauty treatments.

The classic treatment offered by Abano and Montegrotto Terme is a 14-day package that includes ten or twelve days of treatment including mud therapy, curative massages, robe rental and physical check-up which is required in order to be accepted for treatment

The treatments are conducted early in the morning and are integrated throughout the day with the use of the thermal swimming pools and other side activities such as group gymnastics in the thermal waters as well as outdoors.

For guests who have less time available, as preventive treatment we recommend one-week therapy packages with 5  or 6 treatments to be scheduled twice a year.