Recommendations for Treatments


The mineral water cure helps these diseases:

  • Renal and Urology: kidney stones, chronic pyelitis and pyelonephritis, chronic urethritis and impotency, post-operative treatment after kidney stones resection.  The treatment of this kind of diseases with the balneology methods is supplement by a medical and herb treatment.  The individual therapeutical complexes bring about natural extraction of concrements and grit from the kidneys and renal tract, functional improvement of the excretory organs, dissolution of urate calculi.  Improvement is witnessed in cases of chronic inflammatory processes of the urinary bladder and the prostate gland.  Their functions get normalized.  Calculus excretion takes place soon after extra corporeal lithotripsy.

  • Liver, Gall Bladder and Gall Bladder Duct, Pancreas: chronic hepatitis, liver celiac disease, holelitiazis, condition after gall bladder resection, conditions after epidemic hepatitis, chronic pancreatitis, chronic holecistitis, dyskinesia of the gall bladder and gall bladder duct.  The therapeutical complexes eliminate gastroenteric discomfort, bring blood indicators to the norms in cases of chronic hepatitis, eliminate pain and generally improve the tone and mood.

  • Gastrointestinal Track:  Chronic gastritis and Gastroduodenitis, ulcer in remission, condition after stomach resection, chronic gastroenteritis, chronic colitis, chronic enterocolitis, secretor and motor disturbances, ulcer ventricle and obstipation.  After complex treatment is undertaken, the following ensue:  Soothing of Pain, Normalization of Gastro-Intestinal Functions, General Status Improvement.

    Locomotor System:  Degenerative articulator diseases - arthrosis, osteochondrosis, spondylosis, spondyloarthrosis, inflammatory articulator diseases - rheumatoid arthritis, Behterev's, traumatic injuries - distortion, loxation, fractures and post-fractures.  The combination of different curative factors helps to reduce or stop the pain and the swelling, as well as the improvement of the joint movements and muscle power.

  • Neurological and Functional Diseases of the Nervous System:  Neuritis of the facial, trigeminal and sciatic nerves, radiculitis, plexitis, polyneuritis, polyradicul-neuritis, neurosis and stress conditions, neurosis and neurasthenia.  The sub-acute and chronic stages of the above-mentioned diseases are treated with balneological means.  Massage and motorial treatment in specific portions and at specific stages may help pain elimination, restoration of muscular vigour and the nourishment of certain muscle groups.

  • Metalbolistic & Endocrine:  Obesity, Podagra, and diabetes mellitus in mild form.  Mineral water treatment, appropriate diet and motorial treatment in cases of different types of diabetes, and gout and obesity programme, lead to medicine dosage reductions for patients on a diet, to weight loss in cases of obesity, to pain extinction and uric acid values reduction with gout patients.

  • Gynaecological:  chronic adnexal diseases, sterility with inflammatory etiology.  Hissar is the most famous Bulgarian resort where female infertility treatment is performed, both primary and secondary.  The hyper-thermal (38-48degrees Celsius), radon-containing (116,5 mC) mineral water has very favorable impact on such patients.  The pains and vaginal flowage in case of chronic inflammatory process quickly subside.

  • Skin:  Psoriasis, eczema, skin allergies.  Nutrition and skin vascularity get improved, skin patch is removed, and allergic skin reactions fade away.  The alkaline mineral water and the radon stimulate formation of substances, stimulating the neural-vegetative functions, which brings about mental and physical balance.

  • Respiratory System:  Chronic sinusitis, Rhinopharyngitis, tonsillitis, and bronchitis.  As a result of the treatment, respiratory functions are improved, spitting and clearing of the respiratory tract is facilitated, and general mental relaxation is achieved.

  • Vascular:  Periphera artery injuries - Burger's, Raynaud's, professional arteriopathy and diseases of the venous system-varicose veins.  The ordered treatment procedures eliminate limb oedema and tension, improve skin nourishment 
    and Turgur, and prevent from exacerbation.