The famous West Bohemian Spa Triangle has long been the symbol for visitors from the whole world seeking rest and health. Local healing waters are the secret of the everlasting interest in these spas, with many springs available in Karlovy Vary, Marianske and Frantiskove Lazne. General Information on Czech Spas and information on benefits of treatments.


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Located in the former "English Quarter" of the town, the most popular Spa hotel Bristol is a complex comprised of 5 buildings surrounded by a beautiful garden. The five different buildings offer accommodation ranging from standard to deluxe suited to every budget. When it comes to treatments, however, the rating within every price range is excellent. The hotel offers all the amenities of a world renowned spa, where Kneipp cures, acupuncture, Lymphodrainage and many other traditional spa methods complement the in-house doctor's effort to achieve long lasting results in the treatment of the above ailments. Under the direction of Dr. Spisak, who has been recognized internationally, the spa has successfully treated many patients suffering from obesity. Treatments are always individualised according to the patient's condition, and are determined through initial extensive testing that reveals the individual underlining cause of each person's problem.

The most famous and largest spa in the Czech Republic, discovered in 1358, is also renowned as a cultural center of the region. Visitors can enjoy a variety of cultural performances, from open air concerts to the International Film Festival held annually in September at the Spa Hotel Thermal. This attractive resort town, with its many 19th century mansions and Empire style hotels is nestled among beautiful rolling hills and once was visited by many notable personalities, among them Empress Maria Theresia, Don Pedro II., the emperor of Brazil, Bach, Beethoven and even Casanova, just to name a few. Carlsbad can boast 12 mineral springs with their waters used primarily in the treatment of intestinal and digestive problems, diabetes mellitus, gout, allergies and metabolic disorders.


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The second largest spa in the Czech Republic is considered to be the loveliest garden city in the entire country. The city's mineral springs have a large content of carbon dioxide which is used in the preparation of carbon bath. Diseases of the kidney, urinary and the respiratory tract are treated here, as well as obesity and certain nervous disorders. The city  with the population of 18,000 located in the southern tip of Slavkovsky forest, a protected national park. The town lies in a wooded valley rich in mineral waters. There are 40 springs in the relatively small area in the spa town on the grounds of a 12th-century abbey, and about 100 in its immediate vicinity. Beautiful Art nouveau hotels, collonades, and promenades decorate this resort town once frequented by many famous personalities. Among the resort's celebrated visitors were Polish composer Frederic Chopin, King Edward VII of England, poet J.W. Goethe, writer Franz Kafka, and invetor Thomas A. Edison. An 18 hole golf course, one of the most beautiful golf courses in Europe, opened in 1905 by the English King Edward VII.  Tennis courts, outdoor and indoor swimming pools, well kept paths for walks and jogging, horseback riding, water sports, motorcycle speedway, cultural entertainment, casino, shopping complements your spa experience.  Gateway airport: Prague (3h driving distance).