Health Spas

There are many reasons why you might consider visiting health spas through Spas Europe for your next vacation. These reasons include high quality medical services, flexibility, guarantee, our personal knowledge and suggestions for the best health spa for you and the convenience to consult with our experts directly by phone or email.

Our medical health spas are located in Europe where health spa vacationing has been popular since Roman times. Health spas are in high esteem and are wildly popular in most European countries where these medicinal spas treat patients with certain medical conditions. In fact, in some countries government medical plans cover treatments offered at these health resorts.

Unlike North American health spas that focus on weight loss, outdoor activities and de-stress, our health spas offer much more. They focus on medical conditions and they are more like first class hotels combined with recovery facilities including their own diagnostic departments with real medical doctors on staff. They are also located in nice relaxing surroundings in big parks, mountainous regions or close to seas.

Most health spas are built around abundant hot springs and specialize in treating people with locomotion problems. They are ideal for visitors suffering from Arthritis, Rheumatism, Gout and all kinds of joint, skeletal or disk problems. There are also others that due to different mineral content of their waters specialize in skin conditions or heart rehabilitation, diabetes, kidney and intestinal problems.

When you contact make sure you tell the medical condition you are aiming to get relief from, so our experienced consultants could offer the health spa that suites your needs the most.

Although our health spas are located in Europe and yes, you have to fly, but unless you are completely immobile it is definitely worthwhile to try one of our medical spas for long-lasting relief.

Booking a health spa in North America is costing much more, it is difficult to find anything under 200 dollars per night for accommodation only, on top of which you would have to pay the taxes, your meals, your treatments and extra activities.

In our health spas you can pay as little as 60-70 dollars per day for which you will get medical attention, service, meals and individual treatments and even the taxes will be included..
When you book these health spas through your stay is never cancelled and your can travel or arrive on any day you want. The prices are affordable and all inclusive, you can easily budget your stay well before departure, there will be no added charges, unless you purchase some personal items and fancy cosmetic treatments that are not part of your medical package. We can provide transfer for you from the airport directly to your spa. After your arrival you will meet one of the English speaking spa doctors usually with several specialties.

After discussing your condition with the doctor who will also give you a free medical check up, a treatment plan will be prescribed to you that may include physiotherapy, electrotherapy, water, mud and other body treatments, drinking cures and/or exercises.

Now you can easily afford health improvement in a health spa you thought you could never afford.  Your treatments will be by appointment but in-between treatments you will have plenty of time to relax, take sightseeing tours or get entertained.

If you wish to bring a spouse or friend along who is not into treatments, he/she can stay at the facilities without a treatment plan for a reduced cost, or you can have his/her treatments transferred to you for no extra cost to double your pleasures and benefits.