Hot Spring Resorts

Hot spring resorts can be found all over the world but there is a major difference when you compare them to our hot spring spas at

Most hot springs in North America and on other continents usually boasts some pools with hot thermal water, sometimes even spiced up with chlorine (oh) to make the water last longer, while at our hot spring spas the flow of the thermal waters is constant and constantly changed.

In certain parts of Europe, where hot springs are abundant and their appreciation goes back to thousands of years, you can find a different concept of hot spring resorts where emphasis is on medical treatments not that much on luxury.

These hot spring resorts in Europe are highly affordable, some of them even get government support to ensure their competitiveness. Depending on the country and of course the season, you can find daily rates starting as low as 50 dollars per person per day including first class accommodation, complete meals and medical treatments.

There is a large selection of these affordable spa packages on where you will find hot spring resorts listed in Italy, Central Europe and other places.

While North American hot spring resorts cater to well-off vacationers looking for luxury and weekend de-stress, our hot spring resorts focus on needs of guests with certain medical conditions. Depending on the mineral content of the waters, some of the spa resorts on offer medical relief with specialized electrotherapy, physiotherapy, mud and water treatments combined for sufferers of Osteo Arthritis, joint, muscle and skeletal problems while others cater to treating intestinal or kidney problems or skin and gynecological conditions as well as respiratory problems based on traditional norms of medicine.

There is some overlap of general treatments between these hot spring resort spas, but almost all of them have a primary specialty they are known for. All of our hot spring resorts have multilingual medical doctors on staff for your added comfort and piece of mind and local diagnostic facilities in the area of their specialties.