Bulgaria Spas and Health Resorts

The Bulgarian spa resorts are all over the country and are located in vary favorable climatic regions, not too cold and not too hot, ideal for combining balneotherapy, water therapy with climatic sandanski health spatreatment. Some of them are near the Black Sea, others in mountainous regions with beautiful scenery and ozone-rich air.

The Black Sea coast is a sub-region of the continental Mediterranean climatic region. Neither the harsh climatic conditions of the northern European coasts, nor the scorching heat of the Mediterranean are characteristic of it. The specific sea climate, combined with the curative mineral springs and curative mud offer excellent conditions for treatment, recuperation and holidays throughout the year.

Varied preventive and therapeutic possibilities are also offered by the Bulgarian climatic mountain resorts. The lovely scenery, clean air, shortwave ultraviolet radiation, negative air ionization, particularly close to mountain waterfalls, as well as the many mineral springs, different in temperature and composition, are their major assets.

Bor Spa Club - Velingrad

The Bor SPA-Club is a 4 Star resort with year-round accommodation, spa therapy and active recreation. It consists of a residential part, a therapeutic and diagnostic center, entertainment facilities and service facilities. The location is a beautiful pine park in the foothills of the Rhodope and Rila Mountains, 130 Kilometers from Sophia and 800 meters from theBulgaria health resorts beautiful town of Velingrad.

All rooms are supplied with mineral water, satellite and internet connection and telephones. There are six different catering facilities including the restaurant, which has two separate halls and a terrace with a beautiful panorama view. Alternately, enjoy the warmth of the burning fireplace in the traditional Bulgarian tavern. The Summer Panorama Garden restaurant has a built in barbeque and a special corner for young children. You can get a refreshing drink at the lobby bar or enjoy the gorgeous view of the town and of the mountains from the panorama cafe at top the club.

 Relying on a combination of the proven curative properties of the clean natural environment, on the qualities of the mineral water of the Chepino spring, as well as on specialized SPA equipment, the Bor SPA-Club offers you the traditional methods and the latest achievements in health care. An individual program is developed for each guest including: treatment by using water procedures, mineral water drinking, physiotherapy, inhalation therapy, climate therapy and a healthy diet. The water procedures are performed with mineral water combined with healing herbs, aromatic oils, salts and seaweed. Paraffin, mud and lye therapy is performed. The mineral water has a highly favorable effect on the human body: it stimulates the cardiovascular system and strengthens the nervous and endocrine systems. It has beneficial impact on the bone and muscle system and on the joints. It improves metabolism and the functioning of the endocrine glands. It has a tonic and relaxing effect on the body and eliminates fatigue.

Healing programmes are offered as well

- rapid weight loss programmes

- anti-stress programmes for relaxation and functional recovery

- body building and face building

- anti-cellulite programmes

- anti-aging programmes

- psychotherapy, electrosleep, music therapy

The therapeutic and diagnostic section Has a functional diagnostics room: electrocardiograph, echography apparatus, veloergometer, and other specialist equipment; clinical laboratory: biochemical blood analysis apparatus, a microscope and centrifuge and other equipment. Make use of the numerous options it offers you: swimming-pools, an outdoor jacuzzi, sauna, massage rooms, etc. You will feel your tension and anxiety wither away while you attain spiritual and bodily harmony under the guidance of the aerobics and yoga instructors.

 SPA centre

- therapeutic and diagnostic section with a functional diagnostics room: electrocardiograph, echography apparatus, veloergometer, and other specialist equipment; clinicalBulgarian spas laboratory: biochemical blood analysis apparatus, a microscope and centrifuge and other equipment

 - balneotherapy section (hydro and aero-massage bath tubs, Vichy shower, Sharco shower, Cleopatra bath tub, pearl bath tub, and therapeutic magnet bath tub with chromo- and music therapy)

- physiotherapy section (iontophoresis, biopulser, ultrasound, D'Arsoval, solux, impulse magnetic field and ultra high frequency - UHF)

- kinesitherapy, aerobics and yoga section

- indoor swimming pool with an outdoor sunbathing site

- sauna, steam bath, Turkish bath and outdoor jacuzzi

- fitness centre with a spinning studio

 -  massage rooms

- solarium with a water therapy section

Spa Club Bor 4 Star - Velingrad
Price Per Room in €  1 Night (Sun-Thu) or 2 Nights (Fri-Sat) 4 Nights 7 Nights
Double  Room - 2 Adults              110              104                 98
Studio -2 Adults, 1 Child              116              110              105
Apartment - 2 Adluts, 2 Children              123              116              113
Deluxe Apartment - With Jacuzzi              135              130              125

Pricing is for One Room and Includes:

  • one night stay with breakfast

  • indoor pool with mineral water 30-31°С, outdoor pool with mineral water 24-26°С, Jacuzzi with mineral water 36-38°С, outdoor pool for children with mineral water 36-38°С (during the warm season)

  •  sauna, fitness, vaporarium, Moroccan bath

  •  relax zone, area for children, internet, parking, taxes

  • The rates are not valid in the periods of National and Regional holidays in Bulgaria


The climate of Sandanski can, without exaggeration, be described as unique. Throughout the year, air temperatures in Sandanski Spa Resort are higher than anywhere else in the region. This is the warmest and sunniest town in Bulgaria with the least temperature variations throughout the year. The average annual temperature (14.7C) is the highest in Bulgaria. The winter is mild and short, and the autumn - long and warm. The relative air humidity is low (66 %), and the annual duration of sunshine is no less than 2,436 hours.

Sandanski also has the lowest annual rainfall in Bulgaria (127 litres per square metre) and almost no foggy days. The air is remarkably clean and pollution free. Apart from its natural beauty, lush vegetation and remarkably wholesome climate, the resort also features a multitude of mineral springs.Park hotel Pirin Sandanski

The wells and natural springs situated in two thermal zones in the area have a total flow of 1,500 LITER PER MINUTE. The mineral water Contains metasilicic acid and fluorine. The spring waters are clear, colorless, odorless with a pleasant taste: silicica (containing 71 to 135 mg of metasilicic acid per litre), slightly fluoric (3.2 to 6.5 mg of fluorine per litre), The temperature of the hot water is (42 to 81C), slightly mineralized, containing sodium hydrocarbonates and sulphates, with a pH value ranging from neutral to mildly alkaline (pH 7.2 to 8).

It is the best place for the treatment of bronchial asthma, non-specific pulmonary diseases, chronic bronchitis, post-pneumonia or post-bronchopneumonia, bronchiectasis, early pulmonary emphysema, conditions of the upper respiratory tract, chronic rhinitis, sinusitis and disturbances of the locomotory system of a degenerative or inflammatory origin: osteoarthrosis, rheumatoid arthritis, tenosynovitis; neurological complaints: plexitis, radiculitis, slipped disc; allergic skin diseases: urticaria, psoriasis; some kidney and urological diseases and conditions of the digestive system:gastritis, gastric and duodenal ulcers in remission, colitis, glomerulonephritis, cystopyelitis.

Park Hotel Pirin 5 Star - Sandanski
Price Per Room in €  1 Night (Sun-Thu)  1 Night (Fri-Sat)
Double Lux Room -2 People              111          124
Single Lux Room 1 Person                 88             98
Double Standard Room                 98          111
Single Standard Room                 79             88
Apartment Lux/ Max 2 +1              183          183
Apartment Lux/ Max 2 +2              200          200

The price is for one room and includes:

  •  Overnight, breakfast, tourist tax

  • Internet, parking, free shuttle /on schedule/ to the center and back

  • Usage of: fitness, swimming pool with hydro-massage jets, kids’ swimming pool, Jacuzzi,

  • Sauna park / Finnish sauna, Bio-Sauna, Steam Baths – caldarium and laconium,ice – fountain, emotion showers, hot beds and benches, relax zone /

  • Garden-Park with outdoor kid’s pool and kids’ room

  • Free playground and Art center with additional services

  • Rates are nit valise during national and regional Bulgarian holidays


Hissar is situated at 140 km from Sofia, at an altitude of 360 m above the sea level, not far from the famous Valley of Roses, in the land of ancient Thracians where  curative mineral waters abound,  22 springs in the vicinity of the town.Hissar health resort Bulgaria

The resort goes back to ancient times. The Romans and even before the Thracians already new about its curatives waters. The Romans built a town around the springs today you can still see more than 4 km of Roman walls and architecture remains. The mineral water in Hissar (temperature from 27 to 52C) has proved to be extremely effective in the treatment of diseases of the urinary system, renal and gastrointestinal tract, diseases of the pancreas, of the gall-bladder and gall tract.  

Spa Hotel Hisar 4 Star
Price Per Room in €  1-4  Nights (Sun-Thu)  5 Nights
Single Room                 71             69
Double Room                 80             78
Studio - 4 Max              114          110
Deluxe Wing - Single              101             99
Deluxe Wing - Double               111          108
Deluxe Wing - Studio              158          154

The rates are inclusive of:

Overnight, breakfast, use of mineral pool and Jacuzzi (depending on the season), fitness, children’s room, WiFi, parking, tourist taxe

Relax center / sauna, steam bath and small mineral pool/ - Standard wing

Deluxe Spa center / infrared sauna, Roman bath, ice room, Kneipp trail, adventure showers, shock shower, small mineral pool, heated lounges, relax zone/.

Rates are not valid in the periods of National and Regional holidays in Bulgaria


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