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Gerovital Anti-aging Treatments

Slow Down  the aging process in our selected Romanina Spas

Longevity treatments by Dr. Ana Aslan

This less known country in Eastern Europe offers the most revolutionary spa treatments you have ever heard of, that slows down, or in certain cases reverses the process of aging and the many ailments associated with it. Under the direction of qualified medical staff trained by world renowned scientist, Dr. Ana Aslan, you will be able to feel young once again. Whether you have Arthritis, a heart condition, troubles with hearing, vision, fat metabolism, or maybe just worried about early aging due to stress and unhealthy life style, our Romanian spas are the place for you to go. Under the direction of bilingual medical professionals the treatment will be individualized according to your specific needs.

Gerovital is a biothopic drug discovered by Dr Ana Aslan in the 1950's. Since then, it has been widely accepted and used all over Europe. But there is no place like home! We offer you the place, the source where this new and revolutionary geriatric method was created and applied on tens of thousands of people with great success. We offer you something that in North America so far has only been available and known in certain circles of the elite class at the place that was one time visited by celebrities. Dr. Ana Aslan's method was used by the Kennedy's and many film stars to preserve their youthfulness, vitality and increase their energy to unparalleled levels.

Treatment with Gerovital and Aslavital results in the improvement of memory and physical and intellectual capacity. Preventive treatment with Gerovital is normally recommended for people over 40, in some cases even younger. Gerovital H3 skin products are also available in these spas and are recommended for rejuvenation of the skin, while the Gerovital hair lotions stimulate hair growth.

The Gerovital therapy is available in our other Romanian spas, like Felix or Herculane, as well as at selected Black Sea resorts. Felix spa is the largest Romanian spa close to the Hungarian boarder with excellent medical staff and many therapeutic facilities. The famous Black Sea resorts at Eforie Nord offer the recreational facilities of a seaside resort combined with the traditional Gerovital and Balneo treatments. The Eforie Nord spas are also famous for their Sapropelic mud treatments combined with Helio and Thalasso therapy.

Felix Resort
-Accommodation with 2 meals per day - minimum stay one week
Hotel taxes and service charges 
-21 treatments -different kind of balneo treatments will be recommended by the hotel's doctor after a medical exam.  (no treatments on Saturday and Sunday - only 5 days a week)
-Free access to swimming pool and fitness room (clients from Nufarul hotel have access to the facilities of thermal hotel