Slovakia Spas Piestany

Alternative Treatment for Arthritis and Rheumatism. European Medical Spa with highly qualified Rheumatologists speaking several languages including English
 Based on the curative effects of Sulphur natural springs


Thousands of healed visitors, doctors as well as scientists have been trying to uncover the secrets of the healing power of Piešťany Spa for more than 600 years.
The primary factor in healing is the thermal water rising from a depth of 2,000 meters and bringing certain specific compounds and the energy of the Earth's magma. This is the main element for creating a unique local product  healing sulphur mud. It is a special peloid whose composition is the result of a long term reaction between the thermal water, local soft rocks and specific bacterial micro flora.
These effects of the thermal water and sulphuric mud are supported by optimal climatic conditions with the most number of sunny days in this part of Europe, the richness of the greenery and location of the spa on the Spa Island, which is an oasis of tranquility and safety. And furthermore, there is the long-term tradition of proven healing procedures, where the most important factor is a comprehensive spa stay.
These factors favorably cooperate in healing or reducing the effects of chronic disabilities of the locomotive apparatus, various forms of rheumatic arthritis, scoliosis, and post-accident states of the locomotive apparatus and spine as well as a wide range of specific problems including certain diseases of civilization and the impact of stress.

There are ten springs in Piestany with 1,500 mg mineral substances per liter of mineral water, hydrogen sulphide and other free gases. The water springs from tectonic breaks at a depth of about 2,000 meters and is trapped at a depth of 60 m, which guarantees its constant chemical composition and temperature. The water temperature of the springs is 67 to 69 şC. It is a medium mineralized hot water containing sulphates, hydrogen carbonate, calcium, sodium, and sulphur compounds. It is suitable both for bathing as well as a drinking cure.

The sulphur mud is a product from Slovak Healing Spa Piešťany produced from peloid extracted from the bed of a side channel of the River Váh. It is used for partial and full-body packs, producing extraordinarily positive healing effects.

The spa and the town of Piešťany are situated in the valley of the River Váh, 162 meters above sea level. The valley is open to the south and extremely sunny. The sun shines an average of 265 days a year. However, large areas of water in the surroundings of the spa produce a pleasant feeling of freshness, even on the hottest days, while the dense greenery of spa and town parks offers an attractive place for relaxation.

The main flow of the River Váh that flows behind the area of the Spa to Sĺňava Lake and its side channel where some of the thermal springs are located creates the river island where the first spa facility was established in 1800. This island is protected against floods, traffic noise, dust and exhalants as well as against anything that would affect the tranquility or safety of its visitors. The main accommodation complexes of the spa are located here, as well as balneotherapy centers, swimming pools, social clubs, sport facilities, all surrounded by the greenery of the spa parks. Owing to its position and the care of spa personnel, the Spa Island is one of the safest places at this time when the world has become a more dangerous place.

All inclusive spa pacakges. Guest at Piešťany Spa can choose from several types of stays - ranging from walk-in or relaxation stays to the specialty of this spa - this comprehensive spa stay.
This program is unique complex of spa procedures and services. Its basic characteristics is medical care, strictly and exactly individualized according to the state of the patient's health, needs and wishes. It includes a thorough initial medical examination, determination of diagnosis, procedures and healing methods with the use of the most modern medical knowledge, mainly the effects of natural healing sources, recommendations for a daily regime including alimentation, continual check up of state of health by personal physician, and a final examination with medical report for your physician at home.
An integral part of a comprehensive spa stay is accommodation in a spa hotel and positive permanent effects of the spa environment offering conditions for relaxing body, spirit and mind.

Curative Treatments

 For an optimal healing effect, we combine a variety of treatments with synergistic effect – starting with the most modern elements of locomotive therapy, through the application of natural healing sources and electrotherapeutic methods, up to medicamentous treatment – all using the latest medical advancements:   Underwater massage ,Whirlpool, Stepping bath ,Scottish sprays ,Sauna ,Classical massage ,Reflex massage ,Healing exercises ,Water exercises ,Fitness ,Rehabilitation trail ,Hanging exercises ,Ergotherapy ,Traction treatment ,Swimming ,Electrotreatment ,Light treatment ,Paraffin and parafango , Specialized medical performances ,Mirror bath, Mud bath, Mud pack, Tub bath, Carbon bath, Bubble bath 


Rheumatoid arthritis and its variations;reactive and secondary arthritis; Scoliosis;
Degenerative joint diseases (arthrosis); Non-joint rheumatism; Post-accident and post-operation states of the locomotive apparatus; Polyneuropathies with paretic signs; Root syndromes of a vertebrogenic origin; States after meningoencephalitis and myelitis; Post-acute hemiparesis and paraparesis of an arterial origin; States after wounds or operations on the central and peripheral nerves; Disseminated sclerosis and other de-myelinic diseases in a benign state;
Syringomyelia with paretic signs, continually medically treated.

Infectious diseases, serious heart diseases, acute thrombophlebitis, inflammatory rheumatic diseases in an acute state, tumor diseases with metastasis, acute psychosis, unstable diabetes with reoccurring acidosis, pregnancy, dependency on alcohol or other habit-forming substances, incontinence of urine and stool, states requiring constant care by a third party, epilepsy with frequent seizures. 


  • Accommodation in comfort room with full board: buffet breakfast, lunch dinner; special diet if needed. Free WIFI and use of all pool, saunas and other facilities.

  • Doctor and health examinations: (Initial and final) with a special emphasis on disorders of the musculoskeletal system and related complications.

  • Doctor visit: 1x per week. Medical report at the end of the stay to take home.

  • Diagnostics and laboratory tests upon doctor's prescription: for stay with minimum duration 13 nights

  • Healing Treatments: Individual 24 Treatments per week (7 nights) based on the guest's health and doctor's prescription. The program also includes 4 active rehabilitation treatments per week such as group exercises or fitness training with fitness trainer

  • Afternoon tea and welcome coctail at the Thermia Palace

Ask for details of special treatment programs 

We can arrange transfers from various airports, Bratislava (closest), Vienna, Budapest. 
Bratislava Airport - Piestany : from Euro 107 per car (max 4 people) - exact price of transfer is on request at the time of reservation.

Price available on request:

Type of Treatments:

Bath in thermal water, individual mineral bath, Alternative Stepping Bath, Acupuncture, Massage, Fango, Mud treatments, Galvanotherapy, Laser therapy, Oxygen injection, mud wraps, mud pool, Nordic walking, Hydrokineziotherapy, Paraffin therapy, Cellulite massage, Parafango, Pearl bath, Ergotherapy, Diathermy, Ultrasound, Whirling bath, kionesiotherapy, Traction bath, Tangerton underwater massage, Carbon dioxide bag bath, Lymphatic draining, drinking cures, Pneumoacupuncture, Interferential currents, Magnetotherapy, mobilization therapy, reflex massages, aromatic massages, heart warming massage, Sling exercise therapy, whirlpool, Salt cave, mirroring pool. mobilization techniques, medical and water gymnastics, ligament massage, Scotch showers, etc.


The Piestany spas specialize in treating the following conditions:

Diseases of locomotive apparatus

  • rheumatologic arthritis and its variants

  • reactive and derivative arthritis

  • ancylosing spondylitis

  • scoliosis idiopathic and of other aetiology

  • degenerative diseases of joints (arthritis)

  • vertebrogene syndrome

  • out-rheumatoid arthritis

  • conditions after injuries and operations of locomotive organs


  • polyneuropathy with paretic appearances

  • rhizoid syndromes of vertebrogene origin

  • conditions after meningoencephalitis and after myelitis

  • hemi paresis and paraparesis of vascular origin post acute phase

  • conditions after injuries and operations of central and peripheral nervous system

  • disseminated sclerosis, multiple sclerosis and other demyelinisating diseases in the post acute phase

  • syringomyelia with paretic appearances, professionally treated