What a wonderful spa vacation you booked for me! From the moment I arrived, I have been treated so warmly. My room is lovely with a view of the old Roman ruins. Flowers abound and birds sing from every tree. I'll make certain I bring my twin next year.

                                                                                        Karen Boyer, Flagstaff, AZ

Since visiting BadenBaden many years ago, I'd wanted to go to a European spa. Also, I had always wanted to see Budapest and I enjoy music and concerts, so this trip was a perfect combination for me. The staff at the treatment department were very efficient and friendly and the performances were of the highest quality. I would like to have stayed longer and enjoyed more. 
                                                                                              Heidi Kesler, Miami, Fl

In 1976 I underwent surgery on my knee. Since then I have been regularly visiting the spas in Budapest. When I went for the first time my family doctor did not recommend it since the American and Canadian Medical Associations do not recognize spa therapies. They only believe in drugs and surgery. Before and right after my surgery I received extensive physiotherapy. Since it was ineffective, my specialists prescribed strong doses of anti-inflammatory medication, which as many medications, had side effects.
After seeing the good results of the Hungarian spa treatments, my doctor finally acknowledged their benefits. Now he is the one who tells me “It is time for you to go for a treatment” 
Nowadays my doctor does not give me any instructions to take with me, saying “IN HUNGARY THE SPAS’ MEDICAL STAFF AND THERAPISTS ARE MORE ADVANCED IN TREATING RHEUMATISM THAN HERE”. In the Hungarian spas I learned to relax which is also very important for me. At home, being a woman, I have duties to attend the house and look after my family, therefore I have no time for the essential rest after treatments. As a result of my regular visits to the Budapest spas I do not have to rely on anti-inflammatory medications. IF YOU CONSIDER THE COST OF THERAPY AND THE COST OF MEDICATIONS I’d rather choose the therapy in any one of the spas in Hungary. MY SON IS A RHEUMATOLOGIST and he can attest to this statement.

Amy Ecker, Montreal, PQ

I have been living with the pain of Arthritis since I was a young child. No doctor I ever went to could help me. Determined to find some way to ease the pain, I have traveled to Paris and the Orient and elsewhere in search of relief. In the last year my Arthritis deteriorated to such an extent that I could no longer walk without a cane.
THIS SUMMER I TRIED THE SPA IN BUDAPEST. IT CHANGED MY LIFE. The spa doctor was extremely thorough in his examination, making sure he didn’t miss anything. I received mud packs, galvanic and thermal baths as well as regular massages. The combination of the therapy, the wonderful international cuisine and the relaxing atmosphere of the spa made my vacation a renewal of life without pain. My health was improved so much that I no longer need a cane.

Mrs. O. Kish, Mississauga, ON

We had a great holiday in Abano, Madeline's recommendations were "spot on" for this spa and our weekend and concerts in Venice. Well done.
                                                                                     Mary Laing, Sacramento, CA

I am a 42 year old woman suffering from Chronic Pain Syndrome as a result of a car accident five years ago. I visited a Spa in Budapest to find a different medical approach to my annoying condition. Prior to that I had been seeing numerous specialists, chiropractors, massage therapists and acupuncturists. Nothing helped. At the Spa Hotel in Budapest I underwent the customary medical examination and the treatments started on the same day. Within days I felt much better and by the end of the 3rd week I was a changed person. My joint symptoms were largely gone and my mood was great. I felt happy and energetic just like I used to be prior to the accident.

Mrs. M. Budai, Richmond Hill, ON


The Spa experience at the Grand Hotel Margaret island in Budapest was marvelous. Thank you for your part in making the trip as one of the best experiences. The staff at the hotel was most kind and helpful. The gypsy music during our evening meals by candlelight was superb. The spa treatments and the warm thermal waters rejuvenated my body and soul. 
                                                                                           Judith Kratzer, Geneseo, KS    

The most superb and luxurious spa we saw was the one north of Rome at Saturnia. We were very impressed with the easiness of check-in, the excellent service, the facilities, our rooms and especially  the food. I thoroughly enjoyed the sulfuric pool and the hot spring pool which was very large at the center of the resort. Lots of us had massages, and we all relaxed in the hot spring pool after the many days of traveling around Italy. There were several water spouts scattered around the resort and Turkish bath as well as some fancy water treatments available for extra cost. The weather was excellent in May, not too hot but lots of sunshine. It felt like we were at a beach. The organized walking tours to the country side nearby were very well done as well. We felt completely rejuvenated and relaxed after the 3 days spent at this beautiful spot. Thanks for booking this spa as part of our organized Italy tour.

                                                                                        Dr. Andy Cziffer, Sault St Mari, ON

I am back from my trip to Hungary and the spa experience at the Grand Hotel Margitziget. It was fabulous. Thank you so much for the arrangements that you made. Please keep me posted of other trips you may have in the future.

                                                                                         Gloria Kielbaso 
                                                                                         Okemos, MI

In the last two years I have stayed at the Thermal Hotel Margaret Island. I enjoyed staying at the hotel so much, that in both years I have extended my stay with an extra
extra week.
I was able to relax, go for massages and swim in the thermal water every day. I also liked the long walks on the beautiful traffic free Margaret Island.
I am 70 years old and like many of us in my age I have a problems with knee and my back. After they put mudpack on the knee and on my back the pain was gone and the underwater massages were helping too.
All the staff at the hotel is very polite and helpful and the food is very good, you can choose from lots of different kind. I enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere with piano and harp music every night. I also really liked that the hotel is in a convenient location, the bus stops the front of it which takes you right into the city center with lots of shopping opportunities.
                                                                                              Julianna Szuper